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Services and Resources

School Based Health Services

Several of our schools offer on-site medical services free of charge to all New Britain students and their families provided by our partnership with Community Health Center at our school based health centers (SBHC). All schools offer behavioral health services through our school based health centers (SBHC) with health services provided by our partnership with Klingberg Family Centers.Click here for more information

School Nurse

A registered nurse is on duty in the school health office daily. If a nurse is not available, school administrators, faculty, and staff are available to aid students. School nurses:

  • Assess and provide first aid to students who may become ill or who are injured at school, and to students who are demonstrating a significant change in behavior whether due to a physical or emotional/social cause.

  • Provide vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings as required by Connecticut State Statutes, and notify parents/guardians of any abnormalities found.

  • Administer medication and provide treatments as prescribed by the student’s medical provider. 

  • Support students who have chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, severe allergies and seizures.

  • Communicate with parents/guardians when further medical care may be needed, and make referrals as appropriate.

  • Educate the school staff about health matters that affect students and/or staff.

  • Collaborate with other school professionals, parents/guardians, and the student’s health care team, as needed, to foster maximum student success.

  • Provide health counseling and teaching to students and staff as needed.

  • Maintain student health records as is required by state statutes.

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Below is a public service announcement video from the Partnership Office of CSDNB to be used as a resource for families in deciding when to send students to school and when to keep them home due to sickness. The goal is to promote strong attendance and avoid when possible missing valuable classroom time while also maintaining a healthy school environment.

"When Sick is Too Sick for School" - English

"Cuando Enfermo es Muy Enfermo para la Escuela" - Spanish

Medical Records

All medical record requests must be made in writing.  Most requests are managed within 10 business days.

If the student most recently attended CSDNB Preschool – 8th grade, Contact Deb Ortiz – Records Clerk | (860) 827-2205 (office) | 827-2212 (fax) | records@csdnb.org

If the student most recently attended CSDNB Grades 9 – 12 , Contact Virginia Brown - Guidance Department |(860) 225-6300 |(860) 224-2077 (fax) | brownv@csdnb.org

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Medical Forms

Here you will find the most commonly requested medical forms.  These can be downloaded, printed, and given to the student’s school nurse directly.

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