Consolidated School District of New Britain
Consolidated School District of New Britain


New Britain is the home to over 10,000 students annually, and the numbers continue to rise. 
These students can be found in the public school system of New Britain where 19 programs exist in 17 different sites. Alternative schooling is available, as are numerous special educational opportunities, ranging from special education to the Gifted and Talented program. Guidance, social work, speech, psychological and diagnostic testing are also offered to students to make their education more productive and successful.

These programs are only possible because of the support from a wide variety of staff. Student services are provided by school lunch, janitorial, and transportation staff. School faculties include only teachers with college level degrees, many of whom have successfully finished their advanced studies.

The mission of the Consolidated School District of New Britain is to create an educational system which will facilitate the development of students so that they may reach their fullest potential as productive human beings and be prepared to function effectively in a changing society.

There is an emphasis on excellence and on basic instruction with the goal of making significant, measurable gains in language arts, reading, writing and mathematics on the Connecticut Mastery Test and significant gains on the Connecticut Academic Performance Test. District efforts to improve the quality of the educational process have only one focus: Every student learns, and learns well, every day.

Nicole Rodriguez
Committee: Personnel
Liaison: DiLoreto

Phone: 860-518-3986
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Nicholas Mercier
Vice President

Committees: Curriculum, Policy
Liaison: Brookside, Lincoln, Vance
Phone: 860-906-8582
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Gayle Sanders-Connolly

Committees Finance, Policy
Liaison: Holmes, NBHS
Phone: 860-690-7923
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Catherine Cheney
Committee: Personnel
Liaison: Gaffney, RELC, Slade
Phone: 860-558-6353
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Merrill Gay
Committees: Finance, Policy
​Liaison: SBHC, Smalley
Phone: 860-978-2767
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Yvonne Muniz
Committees: Personnel, Policy
Liaison: NBHS SCA, Pulaski
Phone: 860-614-2300
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Annie Parker
Committees: Finance, Personnel
Liaison: Chamberlain, HALS
Phone: 860-223-3063

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Nancy Rodriguez
Committees: Curriculum, Policy
Liaison: Adult Ed, Northend
Phone: 860-518-4510
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James Sanders, Jr.
Committee: Finance
​Liaison: Jefferson, Smith
Phone: 860-614-1902
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Violet Jimenez Sims
Committees: Curriculum, Policy
​Liaison: NB Transitional Center
Phone: 860-223-2213
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