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Communications Department

The CSDNB Communications Office is proud to share the stories that make CSDNB an exceptional place to work and learn! We are committed to our mission of fostering transparency, engagement, and trust within our community and are dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and relevant information to all stakeholders, including parents, students, staff, and the broader community.

The CSDNB Communications Office is responsible for district-wide communications, social media, news releases, and FOI requests. Our work encompasses district-wide copywriting, graphic design, photography, printing, campaigns, translation services and more.

More Information

Thank you for your interest in visiting CSDNB.

All requests for interview, event coverage, etc., must be approved in advance by Ryan Langer, Communications Officer.

Before visiting a school, please request approval by contacting Langer@csdnb.org or 860-872-2272.

Please contact Ryan Langer, Communications Officer, to request public records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at Langer@csdnb.org or 860-872-2272.

As part of our ongoing commitment to be more environmentally friendly and to ensure stakeholders have quick and easy access to critical information, CSDNB no longer distributes paper flyers. Digital flyer distribution will be the only method of flyer distribution within the District.

Flyers can be distributed to families via email and/or social media. If you’d like to submit a flyer, please complete the Application to Distriubute Materials here and send to Ryan Langer, Communications Officer, at Langer@csdnb.org.

District Dispatch Newsletter

Press Releases
For all press releases shared during the 2023-2024 school year, see list below.

Superintendent Communications
All communications (i.e. letters, memos, etc.) sent to CSDNB families from the CSDNB Superintendent’s Office during the 2023-2024 school year can be found below.

Superintendent of Schools Department Page Coming Soon!

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Communications Department

Name School Email Phone Number
Ryan Langer Communications Officer 860-827-2272
Pawel Figat Communications Support Specialist 860-827-2269
Najla Jahaf Arabic Communications Assistant 860-225-6300 ext. 1878
Majedah Nassir Arabic Communications Assistant 860-827-2238
Miguel Mendez Spanish Communications Assistant 860-827-2019