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The Office of Personnel and Talent Development

The Office of Personnel and Talent Development aims to actualize the Consolidated School District of New Britain’s vision of pursuing excellence and contributing to a profoundly different future.

Our Mission

Providing a personalized and comprehensive system of human capital and talent development services, by which personnel policies and innovative acquisition and retention strategies result in accelerated performance reflective of a diverse and equitable driven employee culture.

Commitment to Service Excellence/District Core Values

Our priority is to serve our stakeholders in a respectful way by listening and owning problems to achieve stakeholder, focused solutions. Our Service Excellence Standards are: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Communication, Teamwork, and Accountability.

Our Belief System

We perform with a collaborative team-driven approach and provide the highest-quality service for our community of staff, students, families and partners. We focus on continuous improvement, equity, integrity, wellbeing, professionalism and innovation in all aspects of our personnel and talent development work, so as to maximize the potential as well as the health safety and of each and every individual.

Information and Resources

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  • Develops partnerships with local colleges, universities, RESCs and various other programs to recruit and source highly qualified and diverse candidates to hiring administrators;
  • Oversees internships, student teacher placement and coordinates recruitment events to build and strengthen applicant pools in high needs areas;
  • Uses analytical data to determine future recruitment goals and strategies;
  • Participates in collegiate and community career events; builds relationships and communicates to students and prospective educators about careers in CSDNB;
  • Enhances brand development and marketing through targeted advertising and use of social media;
  • Recognizes staff professionalism through employee appreciation and recognition communicated throughout the organization;
  • Provides leadership supports, ensuring the most well-qualified individuals are recruited, trained, and developed for school and district level leadership positions ensuring they have the foundational knowledge needed to serve the system effectively to drive accelerated performance and wellbeing.

  • Provides leadership and strategic direction to the planning and implementation of personnel functions including equitable employee recruitment, selection, processing, orientation, retention, transfer, seniority and assignment coordination; 
  • Maintains performance management and certification; ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local mandates involving employment, conducts comprehensive internal investigations, maintains accurate personnel allotments, and ensures that state certification and licensure requirements are met; 
  • Assists in the adjudication of grievances and administrative complaints; facilitates contract negotiations; advises and consults with administrators in the evaluation and support planning process; 
  • Leverages technology to attain maximum performance; provides ongoing professional learning to staff and administration on various personnel, policy and cultural competency issues; 
  • Monitors workers’ compensation and OSHA; coordinates the annual open enrollment process for the district; communicates all plan options, including health insurance;
  • Manages the leave of absence process for all employees, maintains eligibility and background check processes for the district, and supports overall personnel document management.

Why Choose Us?
The Consolidated School District of New Britain strives to develop an employee’s talents and embrace innovation to ensure that every CSDNB staff member is highly effective, culturally competent, constantly innovative, and unquestionably professional. We achieve this by offering frequent, high-quality professional learning opportunities that reflect the latest developments in education, instruction and social-emotional learning.

The Consolidated School District of New Britain also develops beginning teachers and their mentors as they navigate the TEAM process, making certain that both new and experienced teachers find benefit in the work. We work to recruit, develop, and retain employees who are passionate about meeting the needs of children, adults, and families in our community.

New Britain - The Center Of Everything Connecticut
New Britain is the eighth largest city in the State of Connecticut located halfway between New York City and Boston.  Rich in cultural diversity, New Britain offers unique experiences in cuisine, arts and culture, sports, community events and education — with Central Connecticut State University located just minutes from downtown. Explore more at: https://www.visitnewbritainct.com/

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The Consolidated School District of New Britain has a strong commitment to becoming a culturally and linguistically responsive school district to ensure racial disparity achievement and opportunity gaps are addressed. As a part of our commitment, we are renewing curriculum, examining board policies, revising recruitment and retention practices and applying an equity, diversity and inclusion lens to every aspect of our work. The Connecticut Standard for Professional Learning aligned to our responsibility is:

Cultural Competence: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student facilitates educators’ self-examination of their awareness, knowledge, skills, and actions that pertain to culture and how they can develop culturally-responsive strategies to enrich the educational experiences for all students.

CSDNB was awarded participation in the 2020 Cohort for Courageous Conversation & Courageous Leadership: Moving Racial Dialogue to Systematic Racial Equity Transformation, a program hosted by State Education Resource Center (SERC). The District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) was established to:

• help the district consider the implications of racism, exclusion, and prejudice on student success;
• engage in thought-provoking, poignant exploration of racism and how it manifests in our schools and our society; and
• engage in dialogue to undertake systemic transformation in the district to ensure equity in our schools.

The DELT, in collaboration with SERC coaches, will create and present the district’s Five Year Transformative and Sustainable Equity Plan to present to the Superintendent and Board of Education during the Fall of 2021. In addition, the team receives training from Pacific Education Group to strengthen capacity to facilitate courageous conversations.

To support gathering relevant information for the equity plan, the district has hosted a series of Real Talk forums to engage staff, students and community faith based leaders in conversations about equity, diversity and inclusion.

CSDNB staff and administrators have engaged in equity, diversity and inclusion professional learning opportunities throughout the school year.

• A Cohort of five schools have participated in Foundation for Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Educators - an eight part workshop series. Principals attend leadership collective sessions to analyze and explore data from teacher feedback to assist with school wide plans to address cultural competence. All schools will participate in workshops by the end of 2022.

• Administrators continue to participate in monthly book study and have read How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram Kendi. Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond. The Board of Education is also participating in a book study with mentor text: Courageous Conversation About Race by Glenn Singleton.

The Consolidated School District of New Britain supports the training, growth and maximizing of professional potential for people entering the field of education. College students enrolled in an education program or related field who wish to complete their internship or student teaching in New Britain should speak with their college/university placement coordinator. University coordinators will communicate the request to the school district and work closely with our Recruitment and Placement Specialist to arrange appropriate placements. Once a placement is confirmed, the Personnel and Talent Development Office will contact the student to provide them with instructions and required paperwork.

In addition to the college partnerships, CSDNB has two alternate-route-to-certification pathways, for non-certified employees of the school district. The two programs are the RELAY program and the CREC Teacher Residency Program. CSDNB also maintains a partnership with Connecticut Troops to Teachers, a program designed to facilitate the transition of veterans and service members to a career in education.

The Consolidated School District of New Britain’s Professional Development and Evaluation Committee (PDEC) is facilitated by the Office of Personnel and Talent Development. PDEC is composed of certified teachers, administrators, and other school personnel including representatives selected by the respective bargaining units. This committee designs and regularly updates a comprehensive plan that clearly describes how professional learning is developed, implemented, monitored, and evaluated within a district. Members also participate in the development of and the adoption of the district educator evaluation and support program. A district-level PDEC is required by state statute and members are expected to understand Connecticut’s definition and standards for professional learning.

CSDNB’s professional learning opportunities are designed with the goal of empowering staff to creatively and collaboratively address educational challenges while striving to pursue excellence one student at a time. For students to be successful and be prepared for, and positively contribute to, a profoundly different future, ready with the essential knowledge and skills in core content areas and develop the thinking and learning skills to be academically, socially and emotionally prepared for lifelong learning and global citizenship. As a result, professional learning opportunities must be focused on culturally responsive academic content as well as the development of key 21st century skills. All learning should encourage innovation and inspire staff to seek that which enhances, evolves, or expands student learning and classroom instruction.

To support the design of highly effective development opportunities, The CSDNB, in collaboration with its PDEC Committee, the Department of Academics, and the CSDE Standards for Professional Learning, utilize the Connecticut Standards for Professional Learning which are key to the design, implementation and sustainability of a professional learning system:

Cultural Competence: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student facilitates educators’ self-examination of their awareness, knowledge, skills, and actions that pertain to culture and how they can develop culturally-responsive strategies to enrich the educational experiences for all students.
Learning Communities: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student occurs within learning communities committed to continuous growth, collective responsibility, family and community engagement and alignment of district and school vision and goals.
Leadership: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student requires and develops leadership capacity at all levels to advocate for and create systems for professional learning.
Resources: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student requires purposeful planning for the identification, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and equitable use and allocation of resources to support educator learning.
Data: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student requires the use of both quantitative and qualitative student, educator and system data to plan, implement, monitor and assess professional learning.
Learning Designs: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student integrates research on effective adult learning and uses flexible learning designs to achieve intended outcomes.
Implementation: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student applies change research and uses tools to identify and support the developmental stages of change and ensures the fidelity of implementation.
Outcomes: Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student is aligned with district/school goals, relevant Connecticut standards, and other agreed-upon standards for educator practice and student growth.

Individuals and external organizations who would like to complete volunteer work in the district are screened by the Talent Development Office in accordance with the procedures outlined in Board Policy 6162.40. Volunteer ​Application Packets must be completed by the volunteer candidate, signed by the supervising district administrator, and then forwarded to the Talent Development Office for processing. Volunteers will be notified when they can begin their volunteer activity.

Documents: Board Policy 6162.40 | Volunteer Application 

Staff Directory | Office of Personnel and Talent Development

The Talent Development Office is based out of the New Britain Educational Administration Center, located at 272 Main Street. ​The main phone number to the department is 860-827-2278 and the fax number is 860-827-2207.

Name Position Email Address Phone Number
Nicole Sanders Director of Talent and Equity Click to email 860-827-2295
Heather Barrett Senior Talent Specialist Click to email 860-827-2264
Kristin Salerni Benefits Specialist Click to email 860-827-2299
Aja Edwards Administrative Secretary Click to email 860-827-2278
Nick Lagana Talent Specialist Click to email 860-827-2208
Rocka Walsh Switchboard Operator/Receptionist Click to email 860-827-2200
Susan Humanick Recruitment and Placement Specialist Click to email 860-827-2006
D'Andre Sims Recruitment and Placement Specialist Click to email 860-259-6306