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In partnership with family and community, the Consolidated School District of New Britain works to provide the best personalized and comprehensive whole-child education at every level so students will be prepared for, and positively contribute to, a profoundly different future. The Consolidated School District of New Britain strives to pursue excellence one student at a time.

Consolidated School District of New Britain
CSDNB | School Delays and Closings


Weather conditions during the school year may affect the opening or closing of schools. The procedures listed below describe the actions that must be taken when there are school closings because of bad weather or natural disasters, late openings and/or early dismissals. If a decision to close school is made, a phone message will be used to contact parents, administrators, staff and organizations to inform them of the change in school plans. The following radio and television stations shall also be contacted and will broadcast the no-school announcement or delayed opening:


Additionally, you can follow our social media platforms for the latest updates:
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Late Openings
When a decision is made to open school late, an announcement will be made using our phone system and TV/radio announcement procedure as used for school closings. However, the message will be that school will open one hour or two hours late. The late opening time for Adult Education is always 10AM.

Early Dismissals
Occasionally, fast moving weather systems will cause the early dismissal of students. The phone system system for emergency closings during the school day will be used to notify parents and other agencies. Radio and television stations will broadcast the notice of the early dismissal. We will also post all updates on our social media platforms. Unless otherwise stated in an emergency closing message, schools will use the following schedule on half days and early dismissal days:

HALS Academy and New Britain High School/SCA will release at 12:00 Noon
- Middle School and all of DiLoreto will release at 12:30 PM
- Elementary Schools will release at 1:15 PM

Please note that whenever there is an early dismissal, that also means Adult Education classes normally held in the evening are cancelled.