Consolidated School District of New Britain
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In partnership with family and community, the Consolidated School District of New Britain works to provide the best personalized and comprehensive whole-child education at every level so students will be prepared for, and positively contribute to, a profoundly different future. The Consolidated School District of New Britain strives to pursue excellence one student at a time.

Consolidated School District of New Britain


A registered nurse is on duty in the school health office daily. If a nurse is not available, school administrators, faculty, and staff are available to aid students. School nurses :

  • Assess and provide first aid to students who may become ill or who are injured at school, and to students who are demonstrating a significant change in behavior whether due to a physical or emotional/social cause.

  • Provide vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings as required by Connecticut State Statutes, and notify parents/guardians of any abnormalities found.

  • Administer medication and provide treatments as prescribed by the student’s medical provider. 

  • Support students who have chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, severe allergies and seizures.

  • Communicate with parents/guardians when further medical care may be needed, and make referrals as appropriate.

  • Educate the school staff about health matters that affect students and/or staff.

  • Collaborate with other school professionals, parents/guardians, and the student’s health care team, as needed, to foster maximum student success.

  • Provide health counseling and teaching to students and staff as needed.

  • Maintain student health records as is required by state statutes. 

Please let the school nurse know if your child has a health condition that may require health care services or individualized planning for emergency care during school time. You should also contact the school nurse if your child has a change in their health status including (but not limited to) illness, injury, hospitalization, or a change in treatment or medication.

School Based Health Services are available to your child at no cost. Please see the “School Based Health Services” tab for more information. 

Health Assessment Requirements (Physical Examinations)

All students entering preschool, kindergarten, grade 6 and grade 9 along with those transferring to CSDNB from out-of-state are required to have an up-to-date physical examination and tuberculosis (TB) screening. A licensed legally qualified medical provider completes a State of Connecticut Health Assessment Form (yellow for preschool, blue for grades K-12) which must be turned into the school nurse or presented at the time of school enrollment. All required forms can be found in the “Forms” tab. 

Physical examinations must be no more than 12 months old (for fall entry into school, physical examinations must have been conducted on or after July 1st of the previous year). Students newly enrolling in CSDNB have 30 calendar days to provide a completed State of Connecticut Health Assessment form. Students who do not meet this requirement may be excluded from school until a completed health assessment form is submitted to the school nurse. State law requires that these assessments be performed by a legally qualified and licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.); or an advanced practice registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or a physician’s assistant who are licensed to practice in the State of Connecticut. 

All required Health Assessment forms can be obtained from the school nurse, at the registration office, at local pediatric practices or in the “Forms” tab on this webpage. 


The Connecticut State Department of Public Health and CSDNB require that students be adequately immunized. Immunizations are available at no cost to any child under the age of 19 at the New Britain Public Health Department, 88 Prospect Street and at the school based health centers.

The list of required immunizations by age/grade is available from the school nurse as well as the “Forms” tab on this webpage. If you have any questions regarding school immunization requirements please contact your child’s school nurse directly. 

Administration Of Medication

In accordance with Connecticut State Statutes, medication cannot be administered to a student unless the school has a written order from a licensed medical prescriber and the signed authorization of a parent/guardian. This includes both prescription and over the counter medications. The Medication Authorization form can be found in the “Forms” tab. Please have the form completed by your child’s medical provider and submit it directly to the nurse assigned to your child’s school.

 All medications must be delivered to the school nurse by a responsible adult and must be in their original labeled pharmacy container or manufacturer’s packaging. The student name and dosing instructions on pharmacy containers must match the written medication order. By law, a school may have no more than a 90 day supply of the medication for the student. 

-All other relevant health or medical information can be found in the CSDNB Family Handbook, by contacting your child’s school nurse or visiting the Health Services section of