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In partnership with family and community, the Consolidated School District of New Britain works to provide the best personalized and comprehensive whole-child education at every level so students will be prepared for, and positively contribute to, a profoundly different future. The Consolidated School District of New Britain strives to pursue excellence one student at a time.

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NBHS to refresh, reintegrate, and restart the school year; Students to shift to remote learning remainder of the week

We began the school year 14 days ago. For many of our students, this was their first time entering high school in almost two years. And for those who attended school in person last year did so in a setting that had less than 500 students present for the majority of the year. It has been a difficult transition to full in-person learning to date for our students.

The past 14 days have been an adjustment for many as they re-learned how to be among more than 2,000 students. The vast majority have adjusted well and are acclimated to this school year. However, there are some students who have not been able to adjust according to the high expectations we hold at the high school. Because of this, we are hitting the refresh button and restarting the beginning of the school year.  

This means that most students will shift to remote learning on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week so that building administrators and support staff can identify those students who are struggling to adjust to NBHS expectations and develop programming for them in preparation for a full return. During these three days of remote learning, all students are expected to log in to their regularly scheduled classes. We encourage students to be fully engaged during remote classes.

For our students in self-contained specialized programs (KEY, Pathways, IDEA, Emerging Vocations), we must continue with the routines and regularity of attending school. Because of this, they will still attend school in person throughout this time (September 22-30). You can expect a personal call from your classroom teacher later this evening. Transportation to and from school will remain the same.   

We will also continue to hold all afterschool activities for those students who participate, including the music department, sports, and other clubs, so that students have opportunities to socialize in small groups over the next three days. We will be providing dinner for those participating. Please be on the lookout for more information from your advisor or coach regarding your schedule.

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Letter from Superintendent Sarra regarding TikTok Challenge
A trend is sweeping across the nation on TikTok and other social media platforms.This challenge encourages students to steal things such as fire extinguishers, soap dispensers, and other items. We are asking for your support and to help us.
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CSDNB Town Hall to be held on September 22
On Wednesday, September 22 at 6 PM, we'll be holding a town hall to discuss the latest updates from our middle and high schools, along with information related to remote learning while quarantined.
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Second dose clinic to be held on September 21
The Community Health Center will be holding a Second Dose Clinic on Tuesday, September 21, from 9 AM - 2 PM at New Britain High School. For more info on the vaccine, click here >>

Emergency Broadband Benefit
The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a temporary FCC program to help households struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. The benefit provides up to a $50/month discount for broadband services and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.
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2021 Advance Child Tax Credit
The IRS estimates that almost 550 New Britain children who may be eligible to be claimed for the expanded and newly-advanceable Child Tax Credit have not been claimed on a recent tax return.
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CSDE: 2020-2021 Assessment Data Shows the Positive Effects of In-Person Learning Over Hybrid and Remote Models
The Connecticut State Department of Education released results of the 20-21 statewide assessments. This report provides the first statewide picture of student achievement since the 18-19 year.
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Revised School Attire Policy for 2021 School Year
On Monday (August 16), the New Britain Board of Education voted on a revised School Attire policy. After much discussion, the sentiment amongst Board members was that the original draft of the policy would create numerous hardships for families at the start of the year.
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Delta’s in the Air: Why Masks Indoors Make Sense
Hartford HealthCare provides an explanation of why wearing masks indoors makes sense, especially with Delta, the latest COVID strain. This strain nearly twice as contagious and produces 1,000 times the amount of virus in your nose and throat.
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CIAC announces guidance for fall sports
The CIAC has announced guidance and guidelines for the fall season. This includes face covering requirements, attendance, COVID protocols, and more.
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Weekly Lesson Plans will be uploaded by 4 PM every Friday. Click here to find your child's school and teacher.

Weekly Health Update
CSDNB Health Update, which will be used to communicate the latest updates and data regarding COVID-19 throughout the district and the city. Click here for this week's update.

Fall 2021 Reopening Plan
In accordance with the guidelines from the CT State Department of Education on reopening schools, we have outlined a comprehensive draft plan for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Free COVID-19 Testing
The City of New Britain has set up a free COVID-19 testing site at Veterans Memorial Stadium (635 South Main Street).

The testing site is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 AM - 4 PM and from 12 PM - 7 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you have any questions, please call the New Britain Health Department at 860-612-2771.

NBHS AP Assignments
Blanker: AP World History
Carlin: AP ECE Music Theory
Courtemanche: AP Biology
Eckert: AP Psychology
Eggleston: AP Language
Gerent: AP Literature
Mathur: UConn ECE/AP Chemistry
Ontko: UConn ECE Physics
Pigeon: AP Calculus
Ramsey: APES/ECE NRE1000E
Zemaitis: AP U.S. History

Kelly Services: Now Hiring!
Kelly Services is now hiring for substitute teacher positions within our school district.

For more information, please view the attached flyer or call 800-991-5157, Option 2. You can also send your resume to

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DAB Website
The Daily Activities for Your Brain (DAB) site is CSDNB's online learning resource center. It includes grade-appropriate activities, instructions for navigating online learning, connections to CSDNB staff, virtual field trips, and more!

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For a step-by-step tutorial, you can watch this video for further guidance. Spanish and Arabic translations will be coming soon.

Returning Students May Face Mental Health Challenges
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'Your kids are in good hands': New Britain students, teachers excited to return to school despite rainy weather
New Britain Herald
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'I think it's absolutely amazing': Members of New Britain NAACP greet students at Jefferson on first day of school
New Britain Herald
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NB schools welcome back students on first day of school
FOX 61
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New Britain students head back to school
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Students Return to School in New Britain
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Farmington Arts and Technology
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NB Parks and Rec Middle School
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YMCA Intro to Dance
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YMCA Salsa and Bachata
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NB Youth Soccer (Fall 2021)
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NB PAL Karate Program
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YMCA Group Swim Lessons
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YMCA Lifeguard Certification Course
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Career in Arts Talent Showcase
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NB Parks & Rec After-school Program
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Yousef Taekwondo
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Yang Taekwondo
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YMCA Program Guide
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Middle School Strength Training
New Britain-Berlin YMCA

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Girls Scouts Daisy Launch
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NB Junior Hurricanes
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United Way Financial Management
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Join Girl Scouts of America
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