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Our children are our most important asset and their safety is our number one concern. Every day it takes the collaboration of thousands of students and parents along with hundreds of staff members and vendor employees to ensure that our students are transported to and from school in a safe and efficient manner. It is critical that we all work together as a team to accomplish this task. 

Please take a few moments to review this information with your child/children to reinforce its content and to impress upon them the importance of polite and courteous behavior. We are constantly striving to maximize safety and efficiency in our operations. Every decision is made with integrity and with the best interests of our students and community in mind. We are committed to being the best at what we do, and look forward to working with you to ensure your student’s transportation needs are fulfilled.

If you any questions, comments or concerns regarding student transportation, please feel free to contact our Transportation Department at 860-827-2239, or you may reach out to Tom Halleck, Transportation Manager, directly at 860-827-2013 or at

The information below offers convenient resources for parents and staff to monitor bus route progress in real time, as well as guidelines and expectations for bus behavior to ensure safe transportation for students to and from school.

Bus Routes: Click here for 2019-2020 bus routes

Parent App: Click here for information on dowloading the "Versatrans My Stop" app that provides parents with the real time GPS location of their child’s bus on its route so that they can monitor the progress of the bus’s route to and from school.

Tyler's Versatrans e-Link: Click here for the most up-to-date information on individual students' transportation. Parents can log in using their student's ID number and birthday.

Bus Stop Guidelines: Click here for the district’s guidelines regarding the bus stop.

Student Conduct: Click here for the district’s rules and expectations on student conduct regarding bus transportation.




The Transportation Office is based out of the New Britain Educational Administration Center, located at 272 Main Street. ​

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Rich Valerio
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Transportation Specialist
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Our transportation vendors are First Student (833-290-6134) and Specialty Transportation (860-357-3776).