Consolidated School District of New Britain
Consolidated School District of New Britain


Delayed Openings and Cancellations
In the event of inclement weather, school may be delayed or cancelled. It is important to keep your child’s school updated with contact information, as we will make automated calls informing families of delays or cancellations. Information will also be available on major television networks or radio stations.

If a student attends school in a different town, transportation will be based upon delays or cancellations in New Britain. If, for example, school is cancelled in New Britain but open in the town where the student attends school, it would be the parent’s responsibility to transport students that day. 

Alternate Winter Stops
If a student’s bus stop is near an area considered steep or otherwise hazardous to navigate in snow or ice, the student may be assigned an alternate bus stop for use during such times. Parents will be notified in advance if their child is assigned an alternate winter stop. The Superintendent of Schools will work with our transportation providers to determine if and when alternate stops should be used. If it is determined that the alternate stops need to be used, bus drivers will notify students when possible and a ConnectEd call will be made from the Superintendent’s Office to notify parents. Transportation will be consistent to avoid confusion for students and parents. If a winter stop is used in the morning, it will be used again in the afternoon regardless of any changes in weather.  

Below is a list of stops that have been identified as potentially hazardous in the event of inclement weather. Please take a moment to review the list below and identify whether your student will be affected and if so where their alternate stop will be. If your child's route is not listed below, they will be picked up/dropped off in their normal location. If you have any questions regarding alternate winter stops, please contact our Transportation Department at 860-827-2239.


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