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Consolidated School District of New Britain
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The Talent Development Office seeks to maximize the potential of all students in the Consolidated School District of New Britain, preparing them to be global citizens, by recruiting, retaining, and engaging quality individuals who will pursue excellence one student at a time. 

Our goals are as follows:
- Targeted recruitment efforts with diverse recruitment team 
- Effective communication with external partners 
- Support employee life cycle transactions from induction to separation 
- Manage performance and Professional Development in conjunction with Academics

Our Talent Management and Human Capital Initiatives are as follows:
- Education Evaluation & Support
- Minority Teacher Recruitment & Retention
- Professional Learning & Leadership Development
- Teacher Education & Mentoring (TEAM)

College Student Internships & Student Teacher Placements
College students enrolled in an education program or related field who wish to complete their internship or student teaching in New Britain should speak with their college/university placement coordinator. University coordinators will communicate the request to the school district and work closely with our Talent Office Coordinator of Higher Education Partnerships to arrange appropriate placements. Once a placement is confirmed, the Talent Office will contact the student to provide them with instructions and required paperwork.

Board Policy 6162.40
| Volunteer Application 

Individuals and external organizations who would like to complete volunteer work in the district are screened by the Talent Development Office in accordance with the procedures outlined in Board Policy 6162.40.  Volunteer Application Packets must be completed by the volunteer candidate, signed by the supervising district administrator, and then forwarded to the Talent Development Office for processing.  Volunteers will be notified when they can begin their volunteer activity.


The Talent Development Office is based out of the New Britain Educational Administration Center, located at 272 Main Street. ​The main phone number to the department is 860-827-2249 and the fax number is 860-827-2207.

Heather Barrett
Holly Catrino
Janice Grega-Mals 
Kristin Salerni
Nicole Sanders
Rocka Walsh 

Talent Specialist
Senior Talent Specialist
Talent Manager
Clerk for the Board and Talent
Assistant Chief Talent Officer
Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

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