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Consolidated School District of New Britain


Preschool Registration

For preschool students at Gaffney or Roosevelt Early Learning Center, you do not need to complete any forms or provide any further information for kindergarten registration. Your preschooler is already enrolled in the New Britain Public Schools. Your child will be enrolled in your neighborhood school based on your address. Children with an Individualized Education Plan to receive special services at a specific school will be enrolled according to their IEP.

Your child must have a physical examination within the year before Kindergarten, with proof of all immunizations required for your child's age. The school nurse at your child's preschool will send the medical forms we have on file to the kindergarten school. Parents must be sure the school nurse has the up-to-date medical forms needed for kindergarten. If you do not do so before the end of school in June, you will have to bring the medical forms to Central Registration.

If you have questions about preschool registration or programs, please contact Lucy Flores at (860) 612-3315

Kindergarten Registration
​All children who will be entering kindergarten in the fall are required by state law to have a current physical examination, updated immunizations, and a negative TB screening or negative TB test (PPD or chest x-ray). Blue physical form must be completed by both the parent/guardian and the child’s medical provider. The physical must have been done on or after July 1, 2019.

The original blue form is turned in either when you register your child for kindergarten at Central Registration OR, if your child is already attending the New Britain Public School pre-school program, to your child’s pre-school nurse. The yellow pre-school (pre-K) physical form is not acceptable for kindergarten. 

The first page of the blue form is for the parent/guardian to complete, date, and sign. The immunization requirements for kindergarten admission are listed on the blue form, just below the immunization record on page 3.

If your child had a physical exam on or after July 1, 2019, another physical exam is not required. Fill out Part I of the blue medical form and bring the blue medical form to your child’s medical provider and ask them to fi ll it out. The blue medical form must be completed by your child’s medical provider.

Children who do not have completed immunization and physical forms on file in the nurse’s office will not be allowed to enter the kindergarten classroom in the fall. Please do not wait until the first day of school to bring these forms to the school nurse.

High School Registration
Below are the forms required for new student registration for students entering grades 9-12. Forms can be downloaded and completed to save time during the registration process. The Census Form may be completed, however, should not be signed by the parents or legal guardians until they appear in person at New Britain High School to register their child.

CSDNB Health form needed to register your child
Sports Physical Form if participating in Athletics
Census Form

In addition to the forms above, parents or legal guardians must bring in one form to prove residency. Only one (1) form of proof is required from the approved sources below. If you have any questions, please call the Registration Office at 860-225-6300 ext. 610.

- Lease signed and dated within the last twelve (12) months
- If your lease is on a month to month agreement, you must present a current rent receipt along with the last signed and dated lease
- Current mortgage statement
- Original gas bill
- Original electric bill
- Original cable bill

- Current City issued water bill
- Current City issued property tax bill​​

Medical Requirements for New Students
All students seeking to enroll in school must provide written proof of up to date immunizations (as required by Connecticut State Statues) and a negative tuberculosis risk screening/assessment or a negative test for tuberculosis prior to starting school.

Physical examinations - Physical examinations are required for the following groups of high school students:

1. All students entering 9th grade
2. Students of any grade transferring into a New Britain school from a school outside of Connecticut
3. Students in grades 10-12 transferring from a Connecticut school who did not have a 9th grade physical exam

Families have up to 30 calendar days to provide physical examination paperwork to the school nurse. For school entry in August and September, physical exams must have been completed on or after July 1 of the previous calendar year. For school entry October through June, physical exams can be no more than 12 months old. In accordance with State of Connecticut Statutes, physical exams must be completed by a medical doctor (MD or DO) who is licensed in the United States; or by a physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, or nurse practitioner who is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Connecticut or who performed the physical exam on an active military base.

State of Connecticut Health Assessment forms (physical examination forms) are available from any school nurse, at most pediatric offices, or online by clicking here.

Physical examinations are available through your personal medical provider or at no out of pocket cost through the school based health center located at New Britain High School. Immunizations are available at no cost for students up to the age of 19 from the New Britain Public Health Department, 88 Prospect Street, New Britain. Immunizations are also available from the school based health center, from your personal medical provider, walk-in clinics, or pharmacies. Tuberculosis risk screening is provided by the school nurse. For those found to be at high risk tuberculosis testing is available from the New Britain Public Health Department or from your personal medical provider or clinic.