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In partnership with family and community, the Consolidated School District of New Britain works to provide the best personalized and comprehensive whole-child education at every level so students will be prepared for, and positively contribute to, a profoundly different future. The Consolidated School District of New Britain strives to pursue excellence one student at a time.

Consolidated School District of New Britain

New Britain High School Academies

The New Britain High School Academies are part of the National Academy Foundation (NAF), a national network of education, business, and community leaders who work together to ensure high school students are college, career, and future ready. NAF academies offer high school students a unique opportunity to explore potential careers. Students get to meet business professionals and participate in activities that reflect the business world and enhance the academy’s traditional and career-focused curriculum. Through this experience, NAF academy graduates are better prepared for college, career, and future success.

The National Academy Foundation solves some of the biggest challenges facing education and the economy by bringing education, business, and community leaders together to transform the high school experience. This is done through smaller focused learning communities via specific career themes.

NAF’s educational design ignites students’ passion for learning and gives businesses the opportunity to shape America’s future workforce by transforming the learning environment to include STEM infused industry-specific curricula and work-based learning experiences, including internships.

Structure and Requirements

The NBHS Academies consist of four academies that focus on specific professional industries.

 1. The Academy of Business & Finance
 2. The Academy of Health & Sciences
 3. The Academy of Manufacturing, Engineering & Techonology (MET)
 4. The Academy of Public Service

Within each academy, there are specific pathways towards particular careers and focuses. Requirements for completing each pathway include:

 • Four (4) elective courses specific to each academy
 • Participation in the annual "Mock Interviews" - which introduce junior and seniors to professional interview practice
 • Completion of 120 hours in an approved internship

New Britain High School offers School of Business and Hospitality/Tourism as a choice for students who want to pursue a career in the global market. National Academy Foundation (NAF) and National Restaurant Association (NRA) are two organizations that are committed to supporting student preparation in this academy for a broad range of careers such as financial adviser, investment banker, financial analyst, advertising manager, social media manager, public relations, human relations manager, travel agent, event organizer, spa manager, executive chef and many more. These fields offer lucrative wages and benefits leading to a high quality of life.

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The objectives of the Health and Sciences Program include students developing an understanding of the theory, concepts, technical knowledge and analytical abilities that will enable them to deliver healthcare in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and in the home where sick, injured, and disabled people are treated and cared for. Students acquire the psycho motor and competency skills needed to successfully deliver healthcare. Students will be stimulated to seek further education and knowledge in the field of healthcare.

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The Academy of Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology (MET) prepares students for career opportunities in programming, database administration, web design and administration, digital networks, and other areas in the expanding digital workplace. In addition, Juniper Networks has agreed upon a program of study, linked to NAF assessments, that will qualify students for its professional training program and earn a Juniper certificate.

This Academy also answers an acute need for engineers in this country by educating high school students in the principles of engineering, and providing content in the fields of electronics, biotech, aerospace, civil engineering, and architecture. Academies use curriculum from Project Lead The Way, Inc. (PLTW), They also benefit from support provided by National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME).

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New Britain High School is building a Public Service academy. Organizations that support the Education pathway include colleges, national organizations, and local organizations. Careers in the public service field include but are not limited to educator, case management worker, social worker, child advocate, mental health counselor, community economic developer, criminology careers, domestic violence, community treatment specialist, emergency management specialist, and many more.

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Each NBHS Academy follows the National Academy Foundation (NAF) model for Work Based Learning (WBL). This model offers job-shadowing, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities for students to gain professional experience in their chosen academy. Click here for more information about Work-Based Learning >>

HRA Summer Youth Program now accepting applications
The HRA Summer Youth Employment & Learning Program offers low-income high school students in the New Britain area with the opportunity to obtain paid work experience and career training. The application for this program is now available on the CWP website.  The deadline for the application is set for May 1, 2021.

There is a helpful guide on the website to assist participants and their families with completing the application. Similar to previous summer applications, here are the following guidelines:

• Be between the ages 14-24 (By July 1, 2021)
• Eligible to work in the US 
• Must be low income (Specific eligibility requirements include free/reduced lunch, SNAP, TANF)

New England Spring & Metalstamping Association
Job Connections and Apprenticeship Connections

Local manufacturing is at the heart of Connecticut’s economy and servicing industries around the world.  The New England Spring & Metalstamping Association (NESMA) wants to maintain these industries in CT for generations to come, and students will play an important role. In an effort to reach students, they've created two new pages on their website.

‘• Job Connections’ are postings of openings listed by NESMA member companies where students can get a sense of some of the available jobs and earnings potentials.

‘• ‘Apprenticeship Connections’ is a link between students and manufacturers that gives students the opportunity to visit manufacturers for a soft introduction to participating NESMA companies and get a better insight to the manufacturing world of today to see if there is a potential match for students. 

Click here to visit their website. Once there, click on ‘Manufacturing Careers’ and on the drop down you will see both pages.

The NESMA states that the industry is facing a great wave of retirements that will leave many openings for manufacturing jobs. Students can visit the website to complete the submittal forms that are sent out to NESMA members. Once the pandemic is under control, the students will have the opportunity to visit the member companies in person.